Target populations: Executives, Managers, Entrepreneurs

The professional COdevelopment is the approach created by Adrien Payette and Claude Champagne in Montreal in the 90’s. As a recognized method in collective intelligence, it enables the actors of a company, organized in peer groups under the supervision of a facilitator, to progress in their individual and collective practice by exchanging ideas and information concerning situations drawn from actual experience.
Each member of the group in turn presents a preoccupying professional situations and benefits from the feedback of the other participants in a clearly structured process based on three principles : confidentiality, benevolence of the truth-telling. Each session lasts between 2.30 hours.



As sessions went on, a real intimacy increase between the participants. In this safe place,  promotes synergy, solidarity , learning to accept help and creates commun managerial references in a company.


Observing other experiences and solving concrete problems in real time allow to unblock difficult situation by putting an agenda for action.


This systemic  approach fosters a more flexible perspective, offering pragmatic solution by peers instead of idealistic one. Sharing success or failures, doubts or achievement allows to understand the subtleties of a profession.


« Every human group has their rich communication, mutual support and solidarity for a common goal:

the development of each one in respect to differences. »

– Françoise Dolto (pediatrician, psychoanalyst and writer)

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