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Positive Turn © can help you develop your business or your practice through games, workshops and more.

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Positive Turn © is the very first game inspired by the theories of positive psychology and intended to develop teams and promote change in the company. Six different workshops animated to experience the effects of positive emotions: the players discover and analyze the unique aspects of each one through conversations promoting benevolent exchanges and the reinforcement of confidence within a group.

The game is based on the 24 character forces, human and universal, established by the fathers of positive psychology, researchers Seligman, Myers and Peterson. They are our predispositions to think, feel and act authentically and to make ourselves more effective.

Cultivating one’s strengths contributes to the development of individuals, mobilizes collective intelligence and increases the performance of a team.

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3 hours Workshops from 3 to 30 people


What strengths do you attribute to your colleagues and why?

This part gives you the opportunity to know how you are perceived and how you really perceive the other members of your team.


What if you developed the leadership of each team member together?


We all have main strengths that mark our personality And we could develop others to balance us! This part will give you the keys to cultivate your strengths.


Everyone has good ideas for developing corporate or team culture. Part of developing a benevolent work environment that promotes psychological security for all.


If everyone on your team exploited their strengths to the fullest, what would happen to their performance? A part that promotes collaboration, new perspectives and commitment.


Part of giving ourselves the opportunity to discover new perspectives to work better together and resolve anomalies in our processes: ideas put into action, that’s innovation!

“You can find out more about someone in an hour of play, than in a year of conversation “

– Platon

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