Target populations: Salespeople

Selling is an Art that demands respect a set of rules and techniques and is enhanced by those who have the talent or the ability to live a unique moment, an exceptional experience to their client.

From my experience of managing Mystery Shopping  for the famous brands of french and international Perfume Houses (C…., Dior, YSL, Estee Lauder…), I have learned many lessons transferable to almost all universes.

Establish a special human relationship with the customer is a source of promoting a brand and involve customer loyalty. So sellers need have this particular attitude of showing elegance and professionalism by developing active listening skills to meet the precise needs of their clients.

Contact me if you want to make a diagnosis skills of your staff (attitude and product knowledge). I can provide an on-line questionnaire tailored for your needs with a individual and group detailed reports in order to develop the best training.



Master the key skills at every step of the sale: behavior and tools.


Become aware of your attitude and know how to create an active relational link. Establish a customer relationship imbued with a strong emotional experience that requires good positioning of the seller whether in words, gestures and attitude in general.


Being the ambassador of the brand falls elegance and professionalism. By developing empathy and raising their Emotional Quotient, sellers have the means to identify customer expectations and real needs.

Efficacité commerciale

“Selling is the most exciting thing we can do dressed.”

– John Fenton and Woody Allen

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