Bigger game®

Target populations: Executives, leaders and individuals

Exclusive in France, the Bigger Game® is a philosophy and methodology that inspires executives, leaders, and individuals to get out of their comfort zones and create intentional positive change. You can learn the concepts in just nine minutes, and it will serve you for the rest of your life.

This workshop brings together up to 20 participants is highly interactive and includes a combination of theory presentation, full group experiential exercises, one-on-one coach-like conversations, small group interactions and inspirational video examples of Bigger Games.

BIGGER GAME® is a unique experience that allows for switching between an automatic mental mode (the one of the routine, process and simplification) to a more adaptive mental mode (the one of curiosity, flexibility and intuition ) also activating Emotional Intelligence of the participants. This is a powerful conversion tool to identify and explore new agenda of actions

BIGGER GAME® public will dramatically boost your motivation and your personal commitment.

BIGGER GAME® for Team and Organization supports the commitment, innovation and collaboration within a team.

BIGGER GAME® is available as a half-day introduction or a 2-day experiential workshop,

BIGGER GAME® is a tool for transformation co-created by Laura Whitworth and Rick Tamlyn, Thought leader, experiential keynote speaker and author of PLAY YOUR BIGGER GAME.



Connected to your compelling purpose, you will find more hunger to give sense in your life or in your project.
When employees and teams are playing a purpose-driven Bigger Game, they are deeply engaged.


When there is authentic collaboration among the players. Although there may be disagreement along the way, there is a deep commitment and alignment with the direction of this « game ». It is in these collaborative conversations that new ideas are born and implemented.


We inherently become more creative, innovative and bolder with our actions when we are compelled and passionate about what we are doing.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

– Richard Buckminster Fuller (architecte, designer, inventeur et écrivain)

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