Target populations: Executives, Managers, Entrepreneurs

This prevention 4 sessions program helps you to maintain your balance and adapt you to frequent changes in the world of work.

Find this balance in yourself! By developing your own resources and your personal skills, you will optimize your action and improve your relationship.



Promotes the agility to recognize and understand one’s emotions, strengths, weaknesses, « saboteurs », values, and goals – and their impact on others. Helps to be aligned to reveal one’s creativity !


Increases adaptability and encourages to take a step back in order to positive transformation.


Improves the relationship withs others and fosters collaboration by using active listening and effective communication (Non Violente Communication)

Carrément épanouissant

« The ideal would be if you can be the same person at home as you are in the office, and vice versa.

And when people actually feel comfortable being themselves, so much creativity comes out of that. »

– Tony Hseih (Zappos CEO)

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