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Points of You® is an influential company in the training and personal development industry. Since 2006, it has created tools to foster dialogue and develop inspiration. Points Of You® games are translated into 25 languages ​​and used in 135 countries.

Photo-languages ​​and Points of You® processes offer opportunities to explore personal and professional situations, individually and collectively.

These tools have been designed for support or human resources professionals: coaches, facilitators, trainers and group or team leaders, who wish to facilitate their meetings in a creative and innovative way.

Since 2012, I have been using their games in all of my individual coaching programs and in my workshops in businesses or at trade fairs such as Nouvelle Vie Pro or Jeunes d’Avenirs (Icebreakers, Brainstorming, POY® group processes or processes created by myself…).

Since January 2018, I have entered a certification process and in May 2020, I became a Certified Trainer – “Pratictioner” and I can deliver the L1 training face-to-face and soon online.

"Hello Points Of You® - L1" Workshop

If you want to discover “The coaching Game®” and “Punctum®” and experience, collectively, the magic of Points Of You® tools,

the training “Hello Points Of You® – Level L1” is made for you!

During this “exciting” training, you will benefit from a first approach to the methodology and tools of Points of You®. You will also experience a unique way of communicating and dialoguing while enriching your professional know-how.

In face-to-face Workshop

1 day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

(with all the precautions

mandatory sanitary)

On-line whorkshop

(Starting at October)

3 3-hour distance sessions


  • Single price: 490 € HT (or 588 € TTC)
  • The Coaching gamePunctum game, the participant’s manual, a notebook, the series of exclusive cards of level L.1 are included.
  • The training is accredited by the ICF and offers credits (6 CCEU).
  • You will have access to the Beautiful Points of You® Francophonie community (private Facebook group, Apéro Zoom every month ….)


From September 1, 2020, from 6 people

In your company, on request

In PARIS, Thursday October 1, 2020

490€ HT – 588 TTC

In Nice, Thueday October 13, 2020

490€ HT – 588 TTC

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